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Tree Crops - J. Russell Smith

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Tree Crops - J. Russell Smith

This book was scanned and this document prepared by the Soil and Health Library (soilandhealthDOTorg) in 2009. It is public domain material and further distribution is encouraged by the Library.

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Reviewer: sarrahwhitehorse - - August 14, 2013
Subject: tree crops
this is the single largest source of information that is genuinely useable. It integrates information in such a way that development of a business plan with integrated income streaming for agri business is easy and clear. Explanations and set ups are clear enough for the beginner or aficionado. I have recommended it to anyone and everyone, from home gardener to farmer. This is the absolute best book ever on the topic, and my bible.
Reviewer: craig hepworth - - December 4, 2009
Subject: The agricultural revolution that should have happened
In 1929. J Russel Smith wrote "Tree Crops", one of my all time favorite books for inspiration and information. He was an amazingly foresighted guy with a lively writing style, and a keen insight into the tremendous potential of trees as crop plants. Individual chapters cover persimmon, mulberry, pecan, acorns for food, mesquite, carob, walnut, hickory, and more.

He published a revised edition in 1952. Both are long, long out of print, which is tough because I always want to recommend the book to people. It's great news that the 1929 version is now available as a free ebook from the Internet Archive in a variety of formats.

For anyone interested in food production, this is HIGHLY recommended reading. It'll leave you scratching your head, wondering why so little has been done with such great ideas. Eighty years later, it still sounds pretty revolutionary. It still could happen.